Cultivation; The Educational Landscape of Britain is a 110 page photojournalistic book looking at education in the UK.

To be educated is an essential part of our development in life. In Britain parents inherit a responsibility to educate their child by law. However often education is reduced to placing a child into the most convenient institution and collecting them at the end of the day. Through this project I documented the diverse range of learning environments in the UK.

Education plays a key role in cultivating young people and this project discovers the diverse range of techniques that are used to assist academic development. Traditional methods of state education often stifle development by applying a one size fits all learning model which can blur visions of success. The way we cultivate the youth of today will build a platform for tomorrow. Therefore it is essential for increasing social mobility that we invest in creating the correct learning environments for all individuals to flourish, irrespective of wealth. With this body of work I intend to promote educational reform in Britain and highlight the value of diversity within state education.